The secret benefit of onion and garlic

The onion family can bring tears to your eyes, literally. Despite the tears, onion and garlic are popular vegetables or condiments, and favoured by the home grower and cooks. Indeed, what would be kitchen be without the distinctively pungent smell and taste of onions and garlic filling out the flovours of almost every type of cuisine imaginable.

Onions and garlic are known to serve as anticoagulants, anti-depresants, painkillers, mucus remover, insulin stimulator, antibiotics and anti- inflammators. Onions and garlic contain natural chemicals that can have powerful health-boosting effects in the body. The health benefits of eating onions and garlic on a daily basis were well known to our ancestors. They used them to protect themselves from illnesses and to act as an antiseptic for a wide range of infections.

Modern dietary advice, supported by scientific evidence, emphasizes the benefits of a daily intake of onions and garlic. These pungents natural foods contain chemicals that can protect the body from so many major and minor illnesses, including cardiovascular diseases infections, diabetes, respiratory problems and cancers.

Onions are also useful in suppressing pain resulting from piles. Occassionally, when piles cause excruciating pain, making it difficult for the patient even to sit, onions give relief. They are baked with their skins, then ground into a paste which is fried in a little ghee. While still hot, the paste is placed on the piles, and a suitable dressing applied. This soothed the pain.

Eating onions fried with caraway seeds in glue and mixed with sugar candy, proves beneficial to those suffering from bleeding piles. An ointment made of onion, turmeric and Indian hemp in hot gingelly oil makes an effective application over pile masses. Slice an onion, wash and eat it, mixed with curds once or twice a day for a week, for the treatments of long standing bleeding piles.

The use of onions is attended by a wholesome effect in the pile affected patients and also the prolapse of the return. For the hemorrhoids of the piles, onion seeds are ground with salt and applied on them. It is also a practice, sometimes adopted, when the haemorrhoid growth of the piles are subjected to a fumigation from the seeds leek.

Onion and garlic work them into your daily diet by eating them raw or cooked. Use them to flavour food. Crush, mince or chop them, and use them in as. many ordinary day to day recipes as you can.

Don't just think of them as occasional food items to be used for special meals, or when entertaining. Allow your imagination to come up with new ways of incorporating them into your daily diet ideas that will suit you and fit in with your family preferences.

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