10 reasons eating healthy is easier than you think

Updated: May 15, 2020

1.Eat as a snack.

Healthy foods can be used for snacks. They help the body to generate energy and keep tummy filled for longer.

2.its a combination of vitamins, minerals and plants chemicals.

Healthy food give you an enormous transformation to your body. They can improve your health. They help in some of the diseases we hear of today. Healthy foods can give you a fair complection and you will look younger. Some health foods have their own water.

3.Easy to cook

Healthy foods vegetables can be boiled or roasted in no time. Don't over cook your vegetables, you don't want to kill all the nutrients in them. They have to remain crunchy. That's why I say they are easy to cook.

4. Have your own garden

Make your own garden with vegetables and fruits you love most. Give yourself a bonus to enjoy nature at home and your garden. Nature can heal you mentally.

5.Saves energy.

When it comes to cooking vegetables they are quick some don't even need to be cooked. Just wash your and eat on the go They are just like fruits. Make your favorite salads.

6.can be used during fasting.

During fasting our body have to connect with the spirit too much is not a necessity. Vegetables fruits can be used during fasting. Our bodies don't use too much energy when digesting this kinds of foods and that's when your prayers will get answered.

7.improves one's health

Healthy eating can improve one's health by eating them regularly. But don't forget to go to checkups when feeling sick. Just add s psmall portion in every meal.

8.Easy to get.

This type of foods are being sold in every retail. Retails are everywhere and streets markets they sell fruits and vegetables in an affordable price.

9.Easy to prepare.

You can eat health foods cooked/raw also try something drh fruits and vegetables for long lasting freshness.

They are not being injected chemicals for speed growth.

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